Sunday, July 16, 2017

I Made A Sloppy Mess on Kitchen Counter Tonight

Somehow, I tipped over a small container of milk I was setting aside for the fridge for tomorrow’s cereal - all over one end of the kitchen counter. As I watched the delicious, cold, wet mess slowly slide and glide its way under all the “stuff” (most-used spice jars, kitty supplies, etc.) and laugh at me while it teased, hinting it would seep further, under the toaster and other things, I admit I felt a momentary desire to sob and sob loudly.

However, I quickly realized the roll of Bounty was hanging right above the mess, so I grabbed some of those and began blotting. I decided I would have to let the cry go until after I was finished cleaning up as quickly as I could, to minimize the mess.

Nope, it wasn’t the worst that could have happened. We’ve all had worse. Worse is slippy, slimy egg yolks. Worse is ants crawling on your counter. Worse is - well, we’ve all had worse.

The best was that it was over there, right underneath the hanging roll of paper towels! There have been times when something I spilled came down over the counter onto the floor. This? Not a biggie once it was over. Now was that good, or what?

Now, I realize that half of you have pristine, uncluttered, absolutely empty kitchen counter tops. For you, this would not have been an issue. But the other half, I suspect, are a little bit like me, at least a little bit. And you know that feeling.

Oh, and I ended up not needing that cry after all.

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