Sunday, July 16, 2017

Update on Neighbor with Tumor, Stroke Recently

Back in May, I mentioned a neighbor who was dealing with both a brain tumor and multiple strokes.

Your prayers have helped a lot. He has a long way to go, but is currently on the 3rd of 5 treatments for the tumor. He temporarily lost his voice - they suspect a little tonsillitis. But his spirits are good, and he is determined to get back to as good as he can get.

Thank you, all you Prayer Angels, for those prayers. He will need them for a while to come but there is progress...and that is a good thing. He has a very devoted wife with him, and that is another good thing.

Sweet Lord Jesus, thank you for continuing to look gently and compassionately upon this man who so needs your healing. We know that all it takes is a glance from you, a thought, and it is done. Thank you for bringing him and his wife so far along this troubled path, but please continue to ease their burdens as much as possible in as many miraculous ways as possible. We trust in you.

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