Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Is Any Prayer Too Trivial?

I suppose a lot of folks would consider some prayers too trivial. But then I remembered Mary asking her son to help the groom at the wedding with the wine. Ensuring their friend/host would have a good reputation as a host did not seem too trivial. That settled it for me.

Meanwhile, I have a prayer request for a dear friend. Her son will be bringing his bride-to-be to meet her. They will arrive next month. That’s not far off. She is very concerned that she will not be able to get her place in shape for the visit by then.

She has asked for prayers for help in doing what she needs to do.
I hope our Prayer Angels will take her request to heart and say a quick prayer on her behalf.

I truly feel for her and I totally understand.

Sweet Jesus, please look gently toward my friend. Please send her a surprising burst of wisdom (what to do first, and what she can ignore), patience (it will all work out but sometimes we don't quite believe that), stamina (to get through it without collapsing), and fortitude (the guts to tackle each item on the list, each in its own time). And, while we’re on the subject, I could use the same here in my life, as well - you know how I’ve been unable to get it all done. Jesus, we trust in you.

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