Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Silkie Fetched Her Own Morning Appetizer

Our morning routine includes my letting Silkie out around 5 a.m. for a quick visit outdoors. She rarely stays out longer than 15 to 20 minutes. This morning, she galloped in and quickly dropped something on the ground, between the living room and the kitchen. I realized it was alive and got ready to grab a Bounty or something to use for handling it. Thankfully, she gobbled it all up. I am certain it was a moth or something of that size. She didn’t even leave a wing or a leg or an antenna on the ground. At least she cleans her plate!

I’m trying to be productive, even in this heat. These days, a lot of my time involves food prep. That’s partly because of the broken lower dentures (food must be tender), and partly because I’ve been making my doctor happy with my labs because of what I’m eating. And some of it is because fresh food is cheaper than convenience food. Still, it requires a lot of rinsing, trimming, and properly packing the fresh fruit and veggies.

This morning, I forced myself to stay in the kitchen when I came home from the 99-Cent-Only store. I washed/trimmed 16 oz. of strawberries; I rinsed and plucked all two pounds of the seedless red grapes off their stems. I rinsed a small container of blueberries, and I opened a bag of triple-washed spinach leaves and put them into a container. Now those things are ready for whenever I am ready. I will be happy later on that I did this. If I leave an open bowl of a mixture of these on the top shelf, I will usually grab some of those instead of something bad. I always keep a similar open bowl of both green olives and black olives.

Later this week, I hope to pack all our baby things that we’ve made for Baby’s Bounty, a local charity. I hope to deliver it all this week or next. We have dozens of baby jackets, blankies, and caps. We’ve got a few other things as well.

I finally gave up trying to find the money for a haircut. It was driving me crazy in our desert winds when the sides would stick out like Bozo the Clown or Clarabell (remember him?). So last night, I just grabbed the scissors and had at the sides and crown. The rest will be okay for a while.

Not sure what else I want to do today. “Want to do” is far different from “Should do,” sorry to say. But I’ll do what I can. It should be interesting.

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