Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Humidity Seeped Into Pores of Home

Mine is a 40-year-old double wide mobile home. It doesn’t have the greatest insulation, etc. and it is on days like this that it is most obvious. We had a severe series of storms hit town this morning. All day, the temperatures were below 100 - that hasn’t happened since June 14th.

Normally that would be delightful. Because the temperatures were lower, the AC did not kick on as often.

However, these monsoon-driven storms come in from the southwest. They bring an incredible amount of humidity with them. This is not something we have on a regular basis. It only occurs here during July and August.

Anyhow, tonight I can really feel it in here. Yes, the temperature is lower. Yes, the AC does not need to go on often, and it does not.

But it feels as if all that humidity has seeped into every pore in this house - every nook, cranny, crack and crevice.

I’m not sure how I survived all that humidity when I lived back east in Philly and NJ. 
I lived in that until I was 40 and moved to southern California. But that might be the point. I was younger.

Ah, well. It won’t last long. Most of the year, here, it’s what we used to call Spring back east. It’s worth this to look forward to that.

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