Thursday, July 20, 2017

Muggy Day; Early Physical Activity

It is so sticky outside, and even in house. I was planning to take an early shower but then I decided to do all my physical activity (if any!) before Noon-ish, and then take that shower, which is when I would sorely need it.

So far, just before 9 a.m., I did the toilets, changed the cat litter, swept that area with the broom and shook out the little rug under the cat litter and 3 little rugs in the one bathroom. It’s not much but I am already moist all over.

In a few moments, before they begin the OJ Parole coverage locally on TV around 9, I will have 5 little frozen fish fillets in the toaster oven (they’ll go into the fridge for me to eat over the next couple of days), make the 2 small boxes of sugar free jello (they’ll make up 8 1/4-cup containers for grab and go snacks), and fix some pinto-beans/brown-rice/rotel for a mid-morning nibble and for a safe energy boost.

I need to gather some things to take to the charity crafting session tomorrow morning, and put them aside, and I need to do a few other things that require some activity.

Later today, after the shower, I can just concentrate on low-activity stuff like crocheting (must finishe 2 sleeves on a baby jacket), email/internet stuff, and some other things I haven’t decided on yet.

Good luck to me!

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