Thursday, July 20, 2017

Silent, Personal Prayers Answered...And Continued

For a year or so, I have been quietly praying for guidance, persistence, wisdom and spiritual help in once again pursuing my earlier love and career as a free lance writer. Today, I received my copies of Chicken Soup for the Soul: The Cat Really Did That?

I have one of the 101 stories in this volume which is mostly about rescue cats. Here is a link to explain what the collection is about. They pay a flat fee which I will get in September, about a month after the publication date, August 8. While it is a small amount, it will be more than what I pulled in on my craft sales for less effort. I love both: crafts and free lance writing. Each in its own time and place.

Meanwhile, you have no idea of the mental worry I went through during this time. My worries covered many angles. Did I still have to ability to write something publishable? Has the field changed much in the 23 years since I last sold something? Could I really do this?

Well, the field has changed - a LOT. And apparently I can still do it (after the 31 submissions I turned in all last year).

I can now swap those first fears and prayers for a big new one. I need to keep praying now for continued progress and more sales. Chicken Soup for the Soul publishes several volumes a year and they happily take previous contributors. I can’t get rich on what I’ll make but I can quietly and steadily begin to cover my expenses in a decent way.

Sweet, sweet Lord Jesus, thank you so much for hearing my prayers all this time. It was worth the effort and struggle. Now I need ongoing help if we’re to pull me out of the financially-challenged woods I am in. I have also asked the Holy Spirit for guidance in this matter. I know I can trust you, the Holy Spirit, and the Father Almighty. Once again, you have proven it to me.

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