Thursday, July 20, 2017

About the Books...

Please forgive me if I cannot send or give a copy of that book to all of you on my wish-list. You have no idea how many people I would love treat to a copy. I’d need a dozen or two.

The publishers sent me 10 free copies. I can do whatever I wish with them: give them away, sell them, whatever. But I need a few for people who I know absolutely cannot afford one but who love cats. One should go to my brother. His would require mailing and even at that, I must wait until the 3rd for funds so that I can mail one to him and his wife. Of the 5 or so that would be left, I could sell and keep the funds as additional income. I just can’t see myself doing that - it just feels greedy. Plus “marketing” is not my niche.

They allow me to buy 20 at a time at a wholesale price and sell them at retail (retail is $14.95). I just cannot justify putting out those funds on the off chance I could sell the 20 and get my money back. It's only 1 story among 101 in the book, so it's not that much a selling point.

Quite frankly, I am happy with the deal as it is. I look forward to similar deals with them.

Going forward, my tastes and interests have changed over the years. My goals for future free lance efforts are to continue trying to snag Chicken Soup for the Soul deals. Along with that, I’d really love to crack the Guideposts market. They have lots of publications but they have a long “lead” time and anything sold to them could take a year before I’d get paid. But Guideposts is on my to-do list (I’ve already sent several things that didn’t “take”), as is Woman’s World (a favorite), and Reader’s Digest (why not aim big?).

My brother says I should once again try children’s books. I must admit I am past the book-stage. I know I can’t focus enough to bring one “home” - it’s the shorter pieces for me these days. I’m wise enough to understand my current skill level, my current interest level, and my current limits.

I’ll work within those.

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