Saturday, June 17, 2017

Weekend Plans Vs Productivity

Plans were sidetracked for a few days while feeding 3 lovable collies and having fun with them.

I had planned to mix a batch of DIY jewelry cleaner but never got to it. That is now on my list for this weekend or thereabouts. Out here, if you wear cheap earrings (me), in the high summer heat, even if you think you are not perspiring, your earrings (mine are usually a hoop-variety) occasionally lean against your neck even if you just turn your head rapidly. Or, the little clasp on the back is against your ear lobe. Either of these can leave “salt” deposits on the earrings. That is what I’m trying to do - get rid of that and make them shiny again. Not sure it will work but I’ll let you all know.

Yesterday: I really didn’t do much except Charity Crafters. I did cut both an apple and a pear into bite-size chunks and nuked it with some water. Now I have fruit soft enough for my cereal for a few days. I also managed, yesterday, to mix 2 small boxes sugar free jello and now I can have 1/2 cup servings for quite a while.

At one food pantry, I ended up with a Marie Callender's pot pie but it requires an 1100 w microwave. Checking online, discovered I could divide the 1100 w by my 1000 w and multiply cooking time by 1.1 - must keep in mind internal food temp at end if not simply re-heating. Cool.

A friend had given me half a dozen nice fresh beets about a week ago. I finally grabbed those today, trimmed them to just 2” stems (to resist “bleeding” in pot of water) and boiled them, skinned them. and froze some - 3 were red, 3 were “golden.”

Took out some pieces of pork and will make a pork chili overnight probably tomorrow night.

Also managed to change the cat litter and the A/C-furnace filters today so I could toss the old stuff into today's trash pickup.

The fat part of my thumb/joint just before where it meets wrist has been crying past two days. Not sure whether I twisted something too tightly or maybe Arthur just came to visit. No biggie. I just have to pick up some things with both hands...will wrap it tonight, I think. I might even have a wrist pull-on bandage in here somewhere from when Frank was alive.

Late in the day, I gave myself a lecture and went in and made 4 cups of yogurt smoothies (beets, cukes, beans, apricots, yogurt). I had to use that yogurt before it went bad on me. So now I just stick a straw in one and anytime I’m browsing in the fridge, I’ve got something healthy to sip and take my mind of the stuff I should not grab.

It hit 111 here today, maybe higher in my neighborhood. They expect 115 or more by Thurdsday. And the heat is ON...

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