Thursday, June 15, 2017

No Water - Scared Me!

Had a moment of fear more than an hour ago. Turned on faucet and - No Water! Deja vu - After all the issues I’ve had with my 40-yr-old double-wide mobile home’s old galvanized pipes this past year, I automatically started checking.

The history: on 10/6/16, my old pipes finally gave way, so bad that they could not be simply repaired. I was filling gallon jugs for everything - don’t ask. 

On 10/16, someone installed an inside shut-off valve so that I could at least turn it on/off for 10 mins at a time. I lived like that until 4/4/17 when I was finally able to have a complete re-piping done.

Five days later, my back bedroom had a wet floor behind the one bathroom. One joint had come undone. I was without water for a few days again. He fixed that.

I never mentioned here that on 6/1, once again, trouble. One “feeder” pipe, the bigger ones (3/4” I believe) fell apart. I was without water for five days because my guy was out of town. Again with the gallon jugs. He fixed that.

So you can see why I immediately ran outside and listened at my skirting. This time, thankfully, no sound of rushing water.

I called our after-hours folks and they said the Park had shut it off for an hour or so for something or other. That doesn’t bother me. That makes me happy. At least it is no longer my pipes that are in trouble. Eventually, it will go back on.

You have no idea how happy that makes this old lady.

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