Thursday, June 22, 2017

Summer Thank You’s

Short and sweet and heartfelt.

Thank you, Father in heaven, for:

* AC that works in this 115 and above weather
* Fridge that works and keeps my food safe
* Freezer that still works, old as it is, to save me from trips out to the store in this heat
* Running water inside my home to rinse the salt off my old bod
* Clean, clear running water from clean new pipes so that there is no longer any residue on glasses, etc., after washing them
* Running water to rinse produce and veggies when they come into this home
* Running water so I can wash clothes wet with summer salt
* Enough clothing so that I can change as often as need be
* Roof over my head to keep the cat and I safe and comfy during this heat
* Roof over our heads that currently does not leak as we approach July 1, our monsoon season with furious rains
* Car, old as it is, that still gets me places without need to take bus in heat
* Microwave that works to keep kitchen from heating up unnecessarily
* Toaster oven which does not heat the kitchen much and which still works
* Crock pot to cook multi-meals overnight when it is cooler
* Food, from various sources, often very surprising sources

* Faith - above all else.

Enough said.

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