Monday, June 26, 2017

Looks Like a Long, Long Fourth!

This is only Monday evening. The 4th of July isn’t until a week from tomorrow. This will be a long, long, long “weekend,” for sure, this year.

They are already shooting off firecrackers, fireworks, here and there.
Silkie is cringing and hiding. We heard at least 3 loud POPS, about 5 minutes apart. The last one was just a few moments ago, and made me write this.

It’s not just that the pets get scared. 

It’s not just that, in our senior mobile home community, we are not allowed to discharge them, no matter how “safe and sane.”

In fact, the ones I heard could easily have been the small residential pockets of homes all around our community.

It’s just that every idiot with a TV, or who receives a newspaper, or hears the news on the radio, knows how dry our land is right now out here in the west, southwest. They see and hear all those terrifying stories of the fires not yet under control. Never mind that those were not started that way. We all know that fireworks can spark a fire.

Yep, this will be one long week.

Sweet Lord Jesus, please look our way and forgive our foolishness. Save us from our own stupidity. And please protect all those we know and love during this time of high vulnerability due to dry, very dry lands.

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