Monday, June 12, 2017


Happy, happy days. I get to feed my friend’s 3 collies. 

I fed them late this afternoon. I will do that again tomorrow morning, tomorrow afternoon/evening, and Wednesday. Right now, there is nothing on my plate except for a meeting which I will not be able to attend, so I can do this. That meeting - I can let them know my thoughts by email.

As for the 3 collies - I love these dogs. The last time I was lucky enough to do this was mid-April, I think. They each have distinct personalities and each has an individual way of needing/asking-for attention.

One sort of lies against my knees and wants me to pet him for an appropriate length of time (his determination). Another absolutely must get in at least one face lick every 15 or 20 minutes. That is usually right after she has eaten which, I’m sure, leaves telltale traces of “doggie visit” on me by the time I get home to my Silkie. And the third is rather timid, but really likes to nudge my fingertips every so often.

Aside from the fact that the pay is always welcome (gas for car, cat food, little things that must be dealt with), I really, really love doing this.

Yesterday, I mentioned making a crock pot of chicken veggie barley soup overnight (at this link). I had accidentally used beef broth instead of chicken broth. I’m happy to say my one online friend (who said she’s done this in the past and it’s not so bad) was right. Not too bad, and I will still enjoy it.

One of the fellows in our mobile home community stopped by today and secured 3 metal skirting panels which were flapping pretty badly in our current wind gusts. Collie-copia funds covered that, I’m happy to say. These were in the back; several days ago, I needed him to do 3 in the front. I think I’m done flapping now for a long while to come.

I hope to get back to de-cluttering one of these days. Soon - soon...

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