Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Update on Bills - Coming Along

Most of you know how hard it is for me to pay everything each month, but you also know how often I’ve said that the Lord has my back.

This month, barring anything unforeseen, it looks like I will be able to pay everything on time.

I did finish one bill completely by the end of May. And during May, I also paid the phone/internet bill in total - I had been 3 months in arrears. So I ended May with everything at least on time and without new late fees.
This month, after I pay one of them, I will only have 3 more payments on that one.

Another bright spot. I was able to help a friend and even though I would have done it for nothing, it is a delight to have a few extra bucks coming in because of it. That will put gas in the car for the rest of the month, take care of kitty litter, and keep me from using the telephone money this month to do so. 

That telephone bill is the last one each month, due-date-wise. So very often, by the end of the month when it is due, I have had to use that money elsewhere. That when I slide backwards on that one for several months. I am so happy that I am currently current.

At this moment, it is moving along.

Sweet Jesus, thank you as always for your help in these matters. Thank you for the help of friends, whether tangible, emotional, or prayerful - I am grateful for all of it. Please bless everyone who has ever cared about those other than themselves - and bless them abundantly.

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