Saturday, May 13, 2017

Urgent Prayer Request - Child Molested

A dear friend asked for prayers ASAP for a child in need. 

This child was molested by his father. It is very difficult for any child to deal with this. It is especially difficult, because of our culture, for a boy to deal with it when it is his father.

The child is severely suicidal. He needs strong, loving prayers, lots of them, to overcome his own feelings of what happened to him. And he’ll probably need long term guidance and counseling.

There’s not a lot I can say on this that will not make me very angry. But I will not wish vengeance on that father but trust that God our Father will take care of that.

I am praying, however, for all connected with this to be able to erase their own feelings that they might have been able to avoid it, or see it sooner, or all the other thoughts that plague a person in this situation. Sometimes it is simply not easy to see in time. So the mother and all connected with the family will need help moving forward with the child and not blaming themselves.

At this moment, I will focus on praying for healing for this boy, big time, and fast enough to keep him safe. And then for long-term healing so that it will not affect how he sees himself as he grows up.

Sweet Lord Jesus, you who dearly loved the little children, you said we should not harm these little ones (Matthew 18:6 and Luke 17-2). Please look upon this boy with all your love and compassion. Please heal him and keep him safe and help him to grow healthy in his own heart and mind and soul. Please guide the family so they, too, can help in all the best ways. We trust completely in you.

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