Saturday, May 13, 2017

Setting Tomorrow’s Goal

Still trying to get myself organized. It’s been a little odd, routine-wise, since October’s fiasco with the pipes under the house. I’m almost afraid to say that things are simmering down. did NOT hear/see me say that, right?

Sometimes my to-do list is huge. Those days I am happy to simply check off one or two items. Other days I wing it. I think I might compromise and try something different.

For a while, I think I will just take one major/minor project or goal and aim for that one thing that one day.

For example, tomorrow is Sunday. Usually I try to reserve that for the Lord’s work. I either work on my little crosses and/or angels, or I find inspirational reading to enjoy, or even some of my charity crafting work.

Tomorrow, I think my goal will be to at least organize all the charity crafting projects we have completed the past month or so. I need to put the hats, scarves and gloves into one bag or bags. If full, I will tag and document them. And then gather the baby jackets, hats, blankets, etc. into bags, and do likewise.

See, each Friday I bring home whatever we finished that week. But for some reason, my intentions never match my actions. Instead of putting them directly into an allocated spot, they go wherever I plop them. So I might have them in 3 or 4 places in here.

So, my goal for tomorrow will be to gather them and do the Lord’s work by getting them all organized. They will go into the one closet and wait until there is enough for me to drop off.
I did a lot of meal preps lately, so I’m giving my slow cooker a few days break. But it’s so nice having an assortment of things ready to grab on days when my mind is befuddled.

Yep. I think just picking one thing each day will be a start. Long to-do lists can wear a body out just thinking about what’s on them!


cards4ubylouise and other treasures said...

Good job at getting organized. Yeah...I have found if I do just one hours worth of work outside that is all I can will still be there tomorrow...a little each day. If I do too much I am wiped out for the next day. Sunday is for although I did make baby spare ribs in my power pressure cooker today...oh yum absolutely delicious. Cooking for a husband so I have to cook big meals that will last till tomorrow. I am thinking this won't last till tomorrow though...oh well, shall have to make some more.

I was wondering if you would check out the obituaries in Las Vegas. My step father died yesterday Peter Bodnarchuck. I got a call yesterday, but the lady did not tell me specifics, when, where, why or how. She said he got exactly what he wanted, I said what was that??? She said he died in his apt, in his easy chair, fell asleep and did not wake up again. I thought he was in a Nursing home, if I had known he was home, I would have called him. I have no other person that I can I am kinda in the dark a bit. If you find anything you can let me know and I would send you my address or if you know where I can look on the internet to find out more info. I would appreciate that very much.

I guess the woman will take his ashes and spread them in the mountains along with my mother's...but she did not know when she would do that. I am not able to make it out there....financially not able. So I wondered if you saw anything you could let me know??? Thanks.

Evelyn Mayfield said...

This all goes public, Louise, so I replied via your Yahoo email address, which I will not publish here. So check that email. We'll stay in touch on this via email, ok?

Hugs and prayers