Friday, May 12, 2017

And Now I Know...

For some odd reason, I felt a need to post tonight, and for some odd reason, I felt it should deal with prayer. I’m not at all sure why, and I’m not at all sure where I am going with this.

First, I suppose, I ought to let folks know that my neighbor with the brain tumor and recent strokes is coming along better than I honestly expected. He and his wife are already in their summer location. He is moving along, hoping to get as much use as possible back in his left arm. I will keep them in my prayers on this.

Next, I suppose, I ought to remind myself of how blessed I am. 

For many months, I managed somehow to deal with my water-rationing issues. The old galvanized pipes under the old mobile home had broken in October. It was a long haul. But I was blessed with being able to finally getting them replaced a few weeks ago. What a blessing that is. How wonderful to turn on the water whenever there is a need, and to see it flowing clean and clear. How wonderful to take a shower, wash some clothes, prep food, wash dishes...without first planning every move.

Along the way, food keeps coming into this home. Not, perhaps, what some would consider great. But it is suited perfectly to the way I eat these days. I do admit I often get tired of the same old, same old. But I do shake off that feeling as soon as I can, and then figure a different way to prepare or season it. I have not gone hungry.

Finances are still a problem but not as bad as they were two years ago. Little by little, bit by takes a while to climb out of a financial hole. Folks who have not gone through it do not quite get it. But I am truly grateful that it is not worse than it is.

And considering the heavy winds we have been having of late, all the pieces to my home are still holding together. How can I not be grateful for that?

Friends - oh, how grateful I am for friends. Friends of all kinds, living all over - near - far.

My hands. Thank you for my hands...they can cook. They can crochet for the needy. They can brush the kitty who needs me so much. They can type these words of gratitude.

Father in heaven, I wasn’t sure why I was posting tonight. Now I know. Thank you - for everything!

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