Tuesday, May 9, 2017

2016 Distribution Totals

Once again, we surprised ourselves with our output. We were happy to see that we donated the following hand crocheted, knitted or loomed items for the local needy.

For Babies
Baby Hats        - 42
Baby Jackets    - 38
Baby Blankets  - 17
Baby Bibs         - 3
Baby Booties    - 4 pair

For the local Homeless:
Hats        - 538
Scarves   - 147
Gloves    - 32

Considering that this type of group changes constantly, we are always amazed at how much our slow and simple work adds up in a year’s time. We never pressure anyone in the group. We never insist on specific patterns, only certain qualities we need in these things (easy washing, durability, ends tucked in).

These days, we have two regulars (and I guess we could say “charter” members, here from the start) who meet each Friday morning, plus several absentee-members. The absentee-members are folks who cannot get to regular sessions but who love what they do. They pass along their projects whenever they finish something for those in need. And, again, it all adds up - slow and steady and happily.

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