Sunday, May 7, 2017

Update On Prayer Request

About a month ago, I requested prayers for a friend/neighbor’s husband. He has a brain tumor but cannot have surgery until he is stabilized. While waiting for the surgery, he suffered several mini-strokes. He is now walking, with the assistance of a cane or a walker, depending on the activity.

At this point, they must go, as usual, for their summer in a different state. Long story, but the thing is, their support system and almost all of their medical support team is back there. They live here in the winter because of our gentle climate at that time.

Anyhow, the son flew in and is driving them back.

At this point, I am thanking all of you for your prayers. This couple still has a very long way to go. Recovery from the strokes, first. They already have an appointment set up for when they get back there. Then they have to get him stabilized to the extent that they can do the surgery.

For now, I am praying for a safe trip to their summer place, for continued progress, and for all the emotional and other help they might need to work their way through this.

Sweet Jesus, please look upon this couple with compassion and mercy. Heal where healing is needed, and strengthen where that might be needed. And, if it be according to the Father’s will, get them to the point that they can return here again this coming winter. Meanwhile, please bless anyone who prayed on their behalf.

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