Sunday, May 7, 2017

Two Productive Days in a Row

Although my home repair issues have simmered down, and I’ve made my peace with softer foods because of the broken lower dentures, and the park wide yard sale is over, and the May issue of the newsletter is done, life still gets exciting.

These past two days have been productive, in one sense. I’ve been trying to get a lot of food prep done so that it is easy to just grab things and either defrost and heat, or defrost and mix with other things.

Today, I made two different blender purees. One is veggie-based: cucumbers, canned red beets, kale (from freezer), and canned tomatoes. I can no longer eat that kale because there are too many hard stems but they puree nicely. The other mixture was fruit-based: oranges, canned apricots, and fresh strawberries. I often buy tubs (2#) of plain yogurt and I can add some of each of them and have a really healthy smoothie. If the flavor needs a touch-up, there are always things in the fridge: chocolate syrup (I know, I know, not healthy), honey, coconut (left over from something or other).

Right now, I have an overnight batch in the slow cooker. I inherited some foods from a couple who leaves for the summer, so I decided to cook up my oldest meats before starting on the newest batch.

Tonight, it’s a ham bone and black eyed peas. I’ve never made the black eyed peas from scratch before. Every recipe I found wanted things I do not have in the house tonight. So I just tossed in a can of Rotel on the bottom, added the 2 bags of frozen black eyed peas (12 oz bags), and found a bunch of green onions that were awfully skinny critters. I just took the kitchen shears and snipped them into half-inch pieces and tossed them in, too. We’ll see what happens when it’s finished in the morning. Should be interesting. Or not.

I also cooked down some diced fresh apples and pears and packed them into containers. I can no longer eat the fresh ones just as they are, but now I can easily add them to my cereals.

Thursday, I stopped at the mechanic’s and had them do my air and fluids. Time was when I did those things myself but he doesn’t charge his regulars and it is easy to get there. My tires and fluids are ready when the hot weather returns in a week or so. It was 100 on my porch yesterday...

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