Monday, April 3, 2017

Today’s Stamina - Blessing Indeed

There are times when I look back over a day and wonder how I accomplished what I did, and also wonder why I didn’t accomplish more. But today, I did manage to do everything I needed to do so that tomorrow I would be ready for the plumbers.

It wasn’t a lot by most folks’ standards. But for me, it did require some stamina and a lot of pacing. And it got done.

Still, I did nothing compared to what a friend is dealing with daily. She’s been running, for over a week, every day, back and forth, to the hospital, while her husband suffers from massive medical issues. She is not even getting 4 hours sleep. And she is facing even more hurdles over the coming few weeks.

So, while I am grateful for my own stamina and blessings, I am grateful that the Lord has held her up so far.

Father in heaven, please look tenderly and compassionately upon my friend in her hour of need. She has asked me for prayers for Divine Intervention for her and for her husband. She believes it will take a true miracle to help him at this time. Hear her prayers and the prayers of anyone who offers them in her behalf. We trust in you.

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