Monday, April 3, 2017


Well, the plumbers will come tomorrow morning and do the re-piping under this old mobile home. I will try not to have any type of attack when I see that rusted, corroded, old galvanized pipe as they remove it for the trash.

This morning, I tried to do anything I needed to do, errand-wise, so that being home all day (and maybe evening) will not delay anything.

Picked up a money order for a payment, filled it out and drove over to drop that off. Topped up my pre-paid cell phone at 7-11 (ignored the wee carrot cakes with cream cheese frosting that were staring at me). Drove over to the smog station and had that done (due 4/8). 

Then I stopped at the Park office and paid this month’s space rent. Stopped at the Mail Room to pick up 2 days worth of mail.

At home, I went online and did the car’s annual registration (smog data had been uploaded at the smog center), printed documentation, and put it in the car while we wait a week for the license plate sticker to arrive.

Emptied out everything under 2 sinks and a shower area; cleared off washer and dryer area. Cleared off top of one dresser and area between that dresser and other dresser.

I might never, ever find any of those things, ever again.

Along the way, I took the stick Bissell carpet sweeper and ran it over most of the little litter pebbles and, like she usually does, Silkie began stalking it. When I stopped, she remembered that the last time we did this, I felt sorry that her game ended so quickly, and I had played with the laser red dot, and she just sat and stared at me until I got the little laser pointer and gave her some exercise.

In the morning, I’ll pick up the scatter rugs from the one bathroom, remove the dishpan from the one sink, and do one or two last minute things before they get here. I’ll have to move the litter box to a “quiet area,” and likewise, the kitty-buffet (don’t laugh; those of you with cats will understand).

During the day, there is not much I can do with them coming in and out and under, as it affects several rooms and the pantry. I found a crochet project I think I’ll work on during that time. I’ve eyeballed the types of food that will be easy to grab and eat and not make dishes. I do have paper plates and plastic cutlery and glasses to use.

After they are done, at least I will have all day Wednesday and Thursday to get tables out of the shed and get other yard sale stuff to the back patio, for this weekend’s park-wide-yard-sale.

Oh, and I’ll be offline tomorrow after they get here. I need to unplug my DSL so that they won’t trip over the cord.

And away we gooooooooo.......

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