Monday, April 3, 2017

Quick Update on My Friend’s Husband

I just received this update. 

He finally has the vent machine tube removed from his mouth. His breathing has been amazing all day. He is not supposed to talk yet but he was naughty and tried.  One of the things he kept saying in a very raspy voice.. "when can I get out of here?".

Tomorrow starts his voice and speech therapy to heal his throat, his occupational therapy to help his movement and his PT to limber and stretch his limbs and breath therapy already started. The throat therapist tomorrow will test his swallowing to see if he can swallow meds and soft food. His BP and heart rate were excellent all day. He even sat up in bed for 10 mins today. So things are finally starting to look up for him.

So, a ray of hope, but a long haul ahead plus that surgery still on the back burner.

Thank you all for your prayers...mine will continue as long as needed.

Father in heaven, thank you for your mercy. Please continue to look kindly upon this couple, in whatever way they need.

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