Saturday, April 15, 2017

Got a Lot Done Already Today

Lunch in progress - Veggie Omelet
Not a bad day so far, productivity-wise.

Managed to not only take out trash, but clear a small stash or two from the back patio/driveway area to the trash as well. Looking a little better back there...more to do, but in its own time. I also snipped the dead fronds off my wee Sago Palm and plopped those in the trash, and watered it. Dumped a small amount of very old potting soil, found in the back area, around the clumps of aloe that are flowering out front, and watered that.

I’m in the midst of defrosting a 2# tub of plain yogurt so I can make smoothies either late today or tomorrow. Steamed a head of cauliflower for later. A friend gave me some Greek Cucumber cheese, a soft cheese. I do not want to begin eating cheese & crackers once more; I’ve quit that delightful addiction. But I think I will take that cheese and the cauliflower and make a few small containers of Cheesy Cauliflower for sides for the freezer. I also cut a small cantaloupe and that will go into that smoothie today or tomorrow. I still need to peel a cucumber for that batch, and prep one or two other items. At least I got the messiest stuff (cauliflower leaves, core, and cantaloupe rind) into the trash.

The photo is my lunch-in-progress. Because of no longer having the lower dentures (broke a week ago, permanently), I need to find things that satisfy but are soft enough to eat. This is part of a veggie omelet. I sprayed a pan with olive oil and added a few drops of the oil to the pan. I layered some shredded carrots (they soften really well!), a thick layer of spinach leaves (when done this way, they cook down and I don't even need to trim the little stems), two mushrooms, a green onion, and a chopped tomato. That's what you see in the photo. Then I added one egg beaten with a little milk, and when that set, I sprinkled with a small amount of shredded cheese. 

After Monday’s leak which saturated the one bedroom floor, I am happy that the rug is almost completely dry. It wasn’t a large enough area for a water-extractor or wet/dry vac, but it did have a musty smell. That smell is almost gone. I grabbed the manual Bissel and ran it over the rug to fluff and refresh it. But I really need to get the vacuum out, put a little carpet cleaner in that area, and have at it. It means moving two dressers and/or tilting one up a little onto a piece of wood or something in case there is still some damp area that needs to air out. I hope to do the vacuum thing this week so that it is done.

Heading on into the Noon hour...thinking, thinking, what I want to do next...

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