Saturday, April 15, 2017

Silkie’s Mysteriously Wild Night

My night time routine usually includes 75% of my sleep in the bedroom and 25% either the couch or Jane’s old lift chair in the living room. Somewhere between 3 and 4:30 a.m., I transfer from the bed to the chair or couch. At that time, it is dark in the living room but with some light from the outside street lamp coming through the blind slats, I can see enough to not trip over the cat if she is lying on the floor at that time.

I usually can also see her “treat mousie.” It’s white plastic on the bottom, clear on the top with the treat holes, and painted mousie face. These days, with her diet changes (as of the Valentine Day injury), it no longer houses Temptations. But she is happy just trying to get a few of her prescription diet kibbles out of it. So I expected to navigate around that.

This morning, however, I noticed a shiny blue ball-type thing near the treat-mousie. I made my way to the lamp, turned it on, and looked back in curiosity. She rarely, if ever, plays with any of the cat toys left from former cats. The only toys that ever interest this cat must either dispense food or reek of catnip.

Not only was I surprised at the shiny blue ball, which dispenses nothing at all, but I also saw the cloth birdie that tweets if you press it a certain way, and one of the furry catnip mousies (you pull its velcro’d tummy open and add catnip from time to time.

She had all four toys strewn around the middle of the living room rug.

Obviously my normally unsocial fur-kid had some kind of wild party in there overnight. I am grateful because she was very quiet about it - in the past many of my fur-kids have been very noisy in their midnight parties.

But her new antics do have me curious - I wonder if I should consider a kitty go-pro?

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