Friday, March 3, 2017

Trouble Right Here in River City - Silkie

Ok. I’m in for it, in a way. 

Backstory - Silkie injured herself on Valentine’s Day. It’s been a worry and a struggle ever since. Let’s see - that was roughly 2-1/2 weeks ago, 18 days ago. 

From that point forward, she never made a move, ever again, toward the back door. She used to love going out on the driveway, walking my mobile home lot, watching folks walk by. But after she broke her teeth and jammed a piece of tooth into her face that day, trying to run in through the open back door to escape what she thought was a danger, she has never once approached that door or meowed for me to open it.

Until a few moments ago. I’m in for it now. I was packing my “stuff” for the Friday morning charity crafters, and placed it by the back door, getting ready to take it to the car.

Suddenly, there was Silkie, sitting ever so pretty, at the back door, looking up at me, and with a sweet little Meow. Yep, I’m in trouble.

At this point, I can never let her out alone again unless I am right nearby, and paying attention. That is out - forever.

This is good news and bad news.

The good news is that it means she seems to be feeling much better. The bad news is that now I must be on alert when I put the key in the back door slot, and be ready to bar her bolt-out-the-door efforts. I will have to get her back past the inner pantry door and close that one, unload whatever I need to bring inside, and close the outside door before opening the inside one. This must be done quickly because the pantry is where her litter box is. Some days, it will be safer and more logical to park, come around and up the front steps and in that way, then back out for the stuff.

Oh, yes, this will be fun. I am happy, happy, happy that she is feeling better. I am not so happy about the rest of it. Aren't trade-off's fun?

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