Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Silkie, Tasks, and Aging Wisely

It’s time, at the end of the week, for me to take Silkie to the Vet for her post-op checkup. She’s coming along well, I think, on her diet. She’s not as “solidly packed” along her sides; she’s softer, more supple. I can’t wait to see if she actually dropped a pound or two.

This is a task-filled week coming up. Lots on my plate, but all do-able.

Today, I finished my changes to the March newsletter for our senior mobile home park. Tomorrow I print about 400 issues over a couple of hours. Thursday, I staple all of those, and roll half of them with rubber bands for the routes I personally deliver. Also Thursday, I must make one payment, get a few groceries, and do a few other things. Friday, the morning is for the charity crafter session and the afternoon for the Vet. Saturday morning, and Sunday morning, I walk and deliver about 70 of the newsletters, each day, to the front porch railings. After that, both mornings, I get to have fun playing with a few big doggies when I go to help out by feeding them.

I was thinking today about these things. I think I am blessed having tasks to do. Of course, there is always, always, the ongoing de-cluttering in here. And the water-rationing routine. But I think having regular tasks to do is very important as we get into our 70s and 80s (almost there).

That old saying, “use it or lose it,” could easily apply to aging brain cells, I think.

There is also one factor that nobody has any control over: the gene factor. But that aside, it is very helpful to me to have deadlines here and there.

I have had to seriously look at some things I’ve committed to, and face the fact that I just cannot get to them these days. I must un-volunteer from those things. It hurts to admit that I can only do so much, if I want to do it well. But I am thrilled to be able to do what I can do.

And, I do hope I can make some progress this coming month of March, in gathering stuff together for the Spring park-wide-yard-sale in here, the second weekend of April.

Yep, it’s good to have something to do. I must remember that whenever I feel overwhelmed.

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