Monday, March 20, 2017

Roller-Coaster Kind of Day

One of those days that had its ups and downs.

I called in a payment to a very old collection account. It was a bundled account and included many very old bills that went back to my cancer days and several “not included in the covered procedures” type of things, plus furniture bought back in ’01 for the mobile home.

I’ve been paying $50 a month (plus a fee for over the phone 
payments) since 2006. I thought this was the last payment so I paid them a little extra to close the balance, happy, happy, happy that at least next month, this one was gone. Not so. Turns out there was one that had come through a while back but they were good enough to not hit me with both at the same time. However, because I’ve been paying them for so long, they did lop off some of this other bill and will let me pay it off within 10 months. So, it’s good and it’s not exactly good.

On the really, really good side, I’ve got a crockpot working overnight. Three leg quarters cut into six pieces, box of low-sodium broth, celery, onion, kale and some barley. It’s already smelling good. Can’t wait for it. Why is any chicken-based soup so delicious and so soothing?

This morning, I dropped off one payment, went to the smaller food pantry and picked that up, went on to the post office and mailed the two small Etsy orders, and made two more stops. By the time I got home, two hours later, I flopped.

Oh, and for years, since Jane passed on in ’09, I’ve happily enjoyed her motorized lift chair. That thing is SO old. I’ve got two cushions under a towel to keep my butt from sagging onto the innards of the chair. Well, this afternoon, when I had to put my legs up for a few minutes, it was strange. It’s tilting now when I raise the footrest up and the back reclines - it’s very uncomfortable and I'm not sure how safe it is. I do have a recliner, as well, in the living room, so tomorrow I will try swapping them around in the living room. I'll take it easy - the lift chair weighs a lot. Silkie doesn’t really like a real recliner because of the jerking motion when you pull the handle up and release it to go down. Hopefully, she will get used to that.

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