Saturday, March 18, 2017

Fun, Food, Folly and More

Ok - the fun and food part are correct but not the folly but hey, I liked the roll of “f” words... The folly was technically an oversight or mistake.

The past two days have kept me on my toes which can be a good thing.

Friday, I was happy to see 2 Etsy orders. 

One was for 2 sets (3 each) of my plastic canvas satin ribbon crosses and one was for a Class Reunion Report. Today I got the crosses packed and will mail Monday. 

The “folly” (or technically “mistake”) part was in the Reunion Report. I had the whole report done when I realized the buyer gave me the wrong Graduation date. I had to put the project on hold while I waited for her to email me back to verify what I figured was the correct date. I will do all the work over again tomorrow morning - not a disaster, just a bit annoying.

Silkie and I had the “fun” part today. I’ve noticed in the past that she sort of stalks the manual Bissell carpet sweeper. I ran it lightly over the rug today, as I must do off and on, for litter pebbles and such, and this time she actively stalked it. I couldn’t keep playing with her with that - nothing more to pick up. So we hauled out the Infamous Red Dot! She loves the laser light - I do not like it because my thumb gets tired. Still, she’s been inside now since Valentine’s Day and I felt sorry for her, so we played. This time, though, I did a lot of “on and off” bits, like fireflies, and this time she REALLY got into it. I rewarded her when I got tired with 3 of her prescription-diet kibbles.

I defrosted a huge bag of chicken leg quarters, just enough to pull them apart and repackage. I re-froze, immediately, 3 bags of 2 each, and am finishing the defrosting of 3 of them. Tomorrow or tomorrow night, I’ll toss them in the, you guessed it, crockpot, with celery, carrots, onion, a box of low-salt broth, maybe some kale, and a 1/2 cup barley (it really swells). Can’t wait. I can almost smell it.

Oh, and I cashed in some Swagbucks and used it to order 2 cheap nightshirts/dorm-shirts from Walmart, to pick up Wednesday. The two I’m using are very old, very stretched (falling off shoulders) and barely hanging together. No other way I could afford these, cheap as they are - I am really grateful for what I am able to do with Swagbucks.

Yep, not a bad two days, in spite of the mistake in that report.

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