Monday, March 20, 2017

Not Asking, but Begging for Prayers for Loved One

It’s rare for me to beg for prayers but I am scared for my “baby” brother (now 73). He just tested with a 24 PSA which is very high. He is hoping it is, as he puts it, just “old age swellling,” and it would be wonderful if that is so.

He’s almost finished the round of antibiotics that they usually prescribe first, in case it is simply an infection.

My worries are multiplied by the fact that they are isolated in the high desert in CA with not-always-reliable vehicles. Town is 25 miles from their 5-acres of sand. Insurance coverage is very iffy. They (he and his wife) have been self-employed for decades and cannot afford enough of the right coverages. Also that ride to town is brutal when you’re dealing with something like repetitive treatments.

And, of course, he is my “baby” brother - so, please, if you think of it, say a wee prayer on his behalf?

Sweet Lord Jesus, you who healed with a simple touch of a hem of your garment, and healed long distance for someone with great faith, look kindly and compassionately upon my brother in this hour of need. I trust in you.

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