Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Went to Vet for Lessons on Dosing Silkie

There was nothing I could do Sunday (vet closed) and Monday (vet closed for holiday), so I had to muddle through the Rx doses on my own. I failed miserably, poor little kitty. But at least I tried. I tried every trick in the “get the liquid meds inside the super strong wiggly cat” book. Nothing worked. I wiped more off her fur than she ever got into her. Anyhow, today I was able to call and run over there early this afternoon. I had called in the morning, but they were backed up because of the holiday closure. I got over there around 4 today.

It turns out I was trying to hold her and dose her the hard way. We figured out a few angles, given my own issues, and I’m ready to give it a good try again first thing in the morning.

Because I got there so late in the day, that dose will be enough until tomorrow. This should be fun - I really do think I can handle it now. I was trying too hard, also, to do it quick and get it over with. Giving her three droppers full of meds, one after the other, needs to be done nice and easy because she needs time to swallow about half a dropper at a time.

Tonight I will sleep reasonably well because she has had her meds this evening, for one thing. And because I think I know what I am doing in the morning.

And Silkie should sleep well tonight because one of those is a great little pain med for cats.

Nice night...

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