Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Trying to Get Caught Up

Things have been so weird and fragmented the past two weeks. I am so far behind in all I wanted to do.

I should be happy that I woke up to a $28 Etsy sale of a bunch of my cross-in-my-pocket items, and then I realized I am so far behind in getting the rest of my things into my shop. For some, I already have the photos. I just need to get a little focus and do the descriptions, etc. and get things into the shop. I try to keep at least 100-110 items in there and I'm down to 60+.

And all my happiness over finally getting the meds into Silkie after her Friday surgery went kablooey. She decided that she does not like meds in the gravy and I have not been able to get any of the Rx doses in her since mid-day yesterday. 

There are three things that cause me concern here. One is that I have completely failed this cat in my ability to give enough caregiving now that I am older. Two, if she doesn’t end up with a raging post-surgery infection, it will truly be a miracle. And three, I have completely wasted the money spent on the meds.

Then I caught myself thinking that I didn’t feel like eating anything that was already handy in the fridge, and that maybe I should find a coupon and grab some take-out. I decided to do some food prep.

First I took out 4 containers from the freezer: crockpot ham/pinto-beans (made last week), crockpot ground turkey chili (made last week), spaghetti squash/sauce/small-serving-meat-loaf, and one of my many yogurt smoothies. They will happily defrost. The smoothie is for sometime today, ASAP. The others, well, I’ll use them up, first-thaw, first-to-eat.

Knowing I will be trying to “do” something in here today, and knowing I will be going to the food pantry tomorrow, the one that gives us a lot of produce, I rummaged through the bins in the fridge and made a big garden salad. I think it’s got some romaine, tomato, onion, cucumber, plantain (from 99-cent store!), a stick of string cheese (diced) - not sure if there is anything else. I keep forgetting I’m out of wine vinegar, so with my olive oil, I used some lime juice. I can easily eat off this big bowl for 3 or 4 days.

Made a tuna/avocado salad that will last 2 days.

And I fixed two servings of mixed fruit - bite-size orange pieces, cantaloupe pieces, and a few red grapes.

It’s now 9:30 a.m.  My breakfast is usually very early; this morning, at 7 a.m. By the time I finished all of this, did my water-rationing routine and cleaned up the dishes, I was starving.

Made myself a quick quesadilla with a fried egg, chopped green onion and some of the last of some really tasty Swiss (which I use sparingly - gift from friend).

When I get stressed, I eat or crochet or both. So, this past week or so, I've finished up a few scarves for the homeless. They are simple and I really needed simple.

Now I need to take a break and figure out what to tackle next. At least I now have stuff to grab, and which is healthy, when I get hungry today.

Hungry is a way of life with me - I eat when I am worried, stressed, happy, tired - Bring it on - I’m ready for it!

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