Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Hallelujah! Prayers Answered on Cat Rx

This will be quick. Just wanted to let you know, all of you who were praying for me and for Silkie to get this Rx dosage under control - I did all THREE this morning, in one session, before 7 a.m.  we are now good until this evening.

Yesteday, I was finally able to get to the vet (closed Sunday, closed Monday due to holiday), and they worked with me on an angle and other things (I mentioned it in yesterday’s post, here).

I am thrilled. Silkie isn’t happy but she’s not distressed. We’ve got about a week more of this.

When I had her over there yesterday, he did a quick look-see at her mouth and didn’t say anything unfavorable, so I trust that is healing as expected. We go back for a real post-op visit on the 3rd. I have charity crafters that morning, but I’ll go later in the day. Silkie and I have worked out the “get the struggling cat into the carrier” routine to our mutual satisfaction, if not joy.

Hugs and prayers for each of you who were concerned enough to say a wee prayer about this, silently or publicly - it matters not.

Sweet, sweet Lord Jesus, thank you with all my heart. I felt so stupid. I felt as though I were failing both Silkie and you. Thank you for hearing the prayers of others on something this small in the huge scope of eternity. I am very, very grateful.

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