Thursday, February 23, 2017

I Can’t Believe Lent Begins in Less Than a Week

Where does the time go? I take Lent as seriously as I can but perhaps not as much as when I was a little girl in parochial school. I do give up chocolate. I love chocolate, so doing without it for 40 days is good for my self-control, not to mention my weight.

It’s also a time when I try to make sure my Etsy shop is filled with items folks might need during Lent and Easter. Two days ago, I added some of my cross-in-my-pocket packs, and today I added some of my plastic canvas satin-ribbon cross ornaments/bookmarks.

I’m hoping to get some of each of those, in packs of pastels and Easter colors, before mid-March.

I have no problem with Easter bunnies and delicious peeps and such, but I do feel folks need to make sure that the faith-based side is covered, too. Even just a little reminder of the seriousness of the season helps.

Father, help me to be able to put aside some of my earthly concerns and concentrate on reminders of your son’s sacrifice for us. Help me to think of your son and his love for us, often, this coming Lenten season.

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