Friday, February 17, 2017

Update - and Answered Prayers

Ok, Silkie is home with me tonight. She won’t let me take the bandage off her wrist where they had the IV. I’ll try again later when I try to brush her. This should be fun.

The broken teeth have to be discussed when we visit for the follow-up, post-surgery in two weeks. I knew the price was way below what normal feline dentistry is, so this didn’t surprise me. But it does worry me a bit. We can’t tell if she has any pain from those. The surgery was to sedate her and pull that piece of tooth out that was embedded in her lip. I can’t get over how firmly jammed that was into her mouth.

She wouldn’t eat for them today, but after I got her home, I tried a tablespoon of the special diet kibble I brought home. She ate it easily within the first half hour she was home. Knowing her fear of other humans, and especially male humans, it was probably fear that kept her from relaxing enough to eat at the vet’s facility.

Now - here’s where I need not only prayers but a real miracle, folks. Beginning tomorrow, I must administer 3 different antibiotics, by eye dropper, by mouth, twice a day. One must be in the fridge. I know I can get the first one in but I am fairly certain that after that, I will not see her for hours. I think I should try the cold one first, then the two room temp next. I could load all 3 eyedroppers and place them in a dish and pray - hard! This, too, should be fun.

The other thing is that she will be very hungry. She’s supposed to only get 1/2 cup dry reduced-diet food per day. That’s all. We’re talking a food-junkie cat. It’s like saying I must eat 800 calories a day...this, too should be fun, right?

Thank you, all, for your prayers. She’s at least free of that embedded tooth piece. And all her labs were favorable.

Father in heaven, I need to thank you with all my heart that we’ve managed to get her through this part. Now I must ask your loving mercy so that she will have no further troubles with those broken teeth until I find out what my options are. Meanwhile, please bless all those who prayed about this, or who helped in any way, shape or form. And bless them abundantly.

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