Saturday, February 18, 2017

Thank you, Jesus! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

I have several reasons to rejoice tonight. No I did not win the lottery. No, a distant uncle did not pass on and include me in his will.

BUT there are other things in life besides financial stability (although that might be nice).

First, the cat, and Second, the bills...

The cat -
Ok - Those of you on Facebook already know I failed miserably at my first attempt to insert 3 different droppers full of meds into Silkie’s sore mouth this morning. Later, I ran out after chatting with a friend and I got some gravy and tried to drip some meds into that and get Silkie to take her antibiotics.

No luck at all getting her to eat “doctored up” food. She’s definitely not into that. Now I must find a way to use up some canned gravy.

Meanwhile, I took a deep breath and looked at how I was trying to administer it via droppers. I was doing that on the floor. That’s her turf. I’m bigger than her and I can’t do it at her level. I cleared off the washer/dryer and spread a non-slip strip of shelving covering, and put a towel on that. I laid everything out - 3 droppers filled in a little dish, plus a paper towel for drips.

Success! I really did get most of all 3 meds in her. The tar-like yucky stuff did get mostly outside her mouth but she was busy licking it off so some of that will get inside. All in all, for the first really good session (only really missed this morning’s dose), it was not bad.

I put down her crunchies and told her what a good girl she was. What a relief. Plus we got through the day with her new diet limits - only 1/2 cup diet crunchies. She does not seem upset over that. 

Tomorrow will be so much easier.

The bills -
With a lot of this and that, and without going into details, I finish this month without going into arrears on anything. With creative jiggling and other resources, the vet bill was covered.
I’m worn out. But I am relieved.

So many of you helped in so many ways. Even the smallest prayer or word of support is so greatly appreciated. And there were many unexpected surprises of so many types along this week’s weird and often frightening journey. Thank you all, every one of you. Between faith and friends, what more could someone want in an hour of need?

Lord Jesus, I need to thank you especially for having my back and for hearing my frightened prayers for help. I also need to thank you for the breakthrough in getting the meds into Silkie. And please, please bless all my friends for all their kindnesses, no matter what form that took. Thank you, thank you, thank you...

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