Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Busy Day and I Cried a Little

It was a good day in some ways but I must admit that I cried a little. I won’t repeat the whole story of why I am worried about Silkie, my 5-1/2 year old rescue kitty - you can read yesterday’s post here at this link.

The good part was that I woke to a finished crockpot (overnight cooking) of ham and pinto beans. I got 7 containers for the freezer, from it, and I think each might span two days when I take them out.
Deciding to keep moving, I set up a crockpot of ground turkey 3-bean chili to cook overnight tonight.

Somehow, I also managed to get outside and spray again the gravel where all the weeds come through. We are expecting a rainy weekend and I don’t want the weeds to grab hold again.

Other good news - I was just ready to post that because of something that happened, I thought I might be able to cover the main bills this month. I was ready to post an “answered prayer” post.

Instead, because of Silkie’s accident yesterday, I am not at all sure which comes first - getting her to a vet or paying the bills.

Update on her condition: she ate nothing from 5pm yesterday to 7am this morning. At that point, she ate about 1/4 cup dry kibble. She ate another 1/4 cup of dry kibble around 3pm. That’s it. No moist food (which she loves especially if I add a little plain yogurt or a little cooked brown rice). No Temptations. That is the part that is worrying me. She cannot bite her Temptations. She will try one, and then immediately walk away from the others. Obviously she has something going on in her mouth. She’s walking fine. She didn’t even meow yesterday for a while after she hurt herself, but she is occasionally “talking” now. Tonight, she allowed me to brush her for a few minutes more than she did last night.

So, where did the tears come in? 

Well, all the other things I am going through are those which somehow I can handle.

But Silkie’s pain and unknown condition made me heartsick. I cannot justify the vet if it is not needed. I can't see into her mouth. She tried to yawn twice that I could see and she didn’t open her mouth all the way. She’s improved from yesterday, but I don’t know if that’s enough of an indication that I can wait another day or so to be sure. I took her carrier out of the shed and brought it into the house, in case I just can’t stand it in the morning.

So, I don’t seem to feel the need to cry over my own problems, but obviously I cannot help myself when it comes to a creature who cannot tell me where and how much she hurts. I feel so helpless.

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