Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Strange But Partially Productive Day

Managed to get a few things done today, in a way.

I made a batch of carrot/raisin/avocado salad. I also have a crockpot going with a meaty ham bone and pre-soaked pinto beans from the freezer. That will be finished in the morning.

We’ve had a lot of rain, in spurts, the past month. Add to that the very mild weather, and you get - weeds. I walked around and pulled what I could after lunch. Then I sprayed as long as I could. My hand gets a little tired squeezing that spray pump. I’ll go back out tomorrow and do some more. We are expecting a rainy weekend. I want this done, and dried, at least a day before the rain gets here.

Silkie’s mouth/chin/lip is bleeding. Somewhere around 5 this evening, she was outside while I was prepping the crockpot. Suddenly she burst through the door, followed by a neighbor’s chihuahua. The dog caught sight of me as she tried to come in the back door and she bolted back home (she’s afraid of everyone but her family). It took me a few moments to realize Silkie was hurt. She had raced inside, bumped the inner door to the rest of the house, and now she was sort of twisting her jaw. I couldn’t tell if she was badly hurt or just trying to lick her wound. I can’t even tell if a tooth is dislodged, or she bit her tongue, or what.

After I went out and checked with the neighbor, it turns out my Silkie was the bully this time. They seem to take turns. She had been in front of our home, saw the dog on her own lot, crossed the street and approached the dog. As she reached the chi, she caught sight of my neighbor, who had been stooping down doing something or other. That’s when Silkie raced back home. She’s not afraid of the dog, but she is afraid of humans.

Anyhow, she tried to come in for her evening brushing. There is absolutely no way I can take her to be looked at, so I’m crossing fingers, toes and eyes, and saying lots of prayers, on this one.
As much as I hate to do so, I will need to keep her inside, completely, for a few days or maybe long-term. I hate that.

When we tried the brushing, she stayed less than a minute. She usually wants at least 20 minutes worth. She doesn’t seem to be bleeding any more. Her tongue is coming in and out to lick her lips. Maybe it is a superficial cut from when she hit the door running into the house. I’ll know better on that if she eats a little overnight - so far, nothing, and this fur-baby loves to eat.

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