Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Two Gifts, Blessings Indeed

The month seems to be flying by. I already know I am short for the bills this month. I do what I can. I rarely buy at fast food places these days. I work Swagbucks modes for points for food/incidentals/pet-supplies, cut as much as I can. 

The past few months, I have also been blessed in that nothing is in arrears – that is a major accomplishment considering the struggling efforts of the past couple of years.

I cannot complain and I will not complain. Explaining is different. It is simply stating facts. And I’ve just done that.

Meanwhile, I have much to be grateful for - a roof over my head, fat purring fur baby, friends in this MH community, lots of slow cooker meals in the freezer, fingers and hands that can still enjoy crocheting and crafting, and more.

Father, I know you will provide as you always do. Thank you for all that you do for me, and for blessing me with the ability to see those things. Two gifts in particular, faith and gratitude, are blessings indeed.

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