Sunday, December 11, 2016

He Who Guides the Size of our Charity Crafting Group

This past Friday morning, it was just myself and one other charity crafting member. We were talking about how we missed the latest member to leave the group.

In the past 7 years, we have lost a few. Two passed away, three moved away, and one developed some medical issues.

We were wondering whether to actively seek more team members. Most times now, it’s just she and I on Friday mornings. She’s been with the team since two weeks after it began; she and I have been here the longest at this point.

We have another gal who lives in the Park and works at home, bringing us half a dozen scarves at a time, every week or so. We have another who lives about 50 miles away who works at home and brings us 100 or more hats at a time, every few months. And we have yet another from another Park who loves to go in bursts – sometimes gloves, sometimes baby booties, other things as well.

So, if we count them all, we have 5 active members, even though only two of us show up each week.
For the past year or two, it had been mostly three of us on Friday mornings, until one moved half way across the country.

Back to wondering whether we needed to put up signs or something. We looked at our output, and looked at how much we were helping with just who we have now. And we remembered past times.
When we lost our first one, years ago, we fretted that we would not have the benefit of all her work. We thought about trying to get a replacement. Roughly two months later, in walked a gal from our Park. She was with us until she, too, passed on.

Again, we fretted about the hole in the ranks. Roughly two months later, in walked a new resident in our Park. She was with us for almost 6 years, until she moved thousands of miles away.

Now we fret again. Then we looked at that history. Roughly two months after someone leaves, we are sent a replacement. And the One who sends that replacement always sends us a good one!

Father in heaven, you always know what we need to help those in need, and you know who we need. Thank you for watching out for our little group, and for helping us to help others. We trust you to pick out our next member. And please bless all those who have been with us and are no longer able to join in, and bless them abundantly.

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