Saturday, December 10, 2016

Trying to Get Back to Normal

I will try to make this brief. 

It has been an interesting week, computer-wise. You all know the old laptop I was making do with for the past two years finally quit late last Saturday (the 3rd), a week ago.

We spent days trying to get me functioning again.

A dear friend donated a tower. When it wouldn’t turn on, we found it was the wrong plug in adapter and bought the right one.

Then the monitor which another friend had donated wouldn’t work with this system, so we were able to get another one donated. After testing the donated one later, we found that its display had crashed and it would cost more to fix it than buy another if this newly donated one goes out on me.

A keyboard I was going to switch to (the other one lost one foot and tilts a bit to the left) wasn’t the right one either – wrong connectors, wrong for this setup. Went back to the other one which I’ve been using for two years. No biggie there.

We finally went back up mid-day Wednesday but it has taken a few days to load this, test that, find the other…I’m still not totally back in gear but getting there. At least now I can check my Etsy shop when need be, check emails, and so on.

Father, although it has been a bit inconvenient, I am grateful that you have sent me all the help I’ve needed along the way. You always do. Thank you! I will be patient while you work out the other little bumps on the road.

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