Saturday, December 3, 2016

Seasonal Message - Peace, not Panic

The past two weeks have been filled with all sorts of tasks and all sorts of surprises. But it has not been unbearable. I am still sane. Or at least I try to pretend I am.

The next few weeks should not be too bad, either. There are some things still to be done before I tackle new tasks. 

Originally I had planned to ride with a neighbor on Thursday and sell at a local craft fair. Wednesday morning she called and said she had so much herself that she really did need the other table, the one I'd signed up for. There wasn't much I could do. She's a neighbor. There was no way I was going to argue the point, ride to the event with her, set up next to her, sit there most of the day, and know she was upset because I clung to my table, and then ride back. She gave me back my table fee which was only $10.

However, I had finally gathered all my hand made items onto a double bed in one room and now it was staring at me. Quite a few things were already listed in my Etsy shop. But there were lots of things that never made it to my shop. I hate taking the photos. I don't mind doing the descriptions, but I hate the photos. I had to face up to the fact that the photos needed to be done, no matter how good or bad they turned out. So I began taking them, listing the stuff, and have already sold two of the items. There will be quite a few more listed over this coming week.

Tomorrow, or the next day, my tech guy should be here to help me set up that PC tower. Those two sales will help with that fee. Once that is done, I'll lose a day just re-loading some specialty programs and my printers and making sure I have all my most important bookmarks.

Along the way I hope to do some very minimal outside Christmas decorating, if you can call it that. Just a little.

Most of the spare moments I might have between now and Christmas will be spent on making little token thank-you gifts for year-end giving. I always try to find things that are quick and easy - for me. We all have our own skill sets and our own comfort levels. I try to stick to mine.

Here's hoping you each try to find a way to handle your own stress this Christmas season. We need to keep in mind that Peace is the message - not Panic.

I will try - I really will try...

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