Sunday, December 11, 2016

Latest Donations from Our Charity Crafting Group to Needy

Can’t believe I haven’t updated on Charity Crafting since September. Normally, I post whenever we actually give out our finished projects, but somehow it got away from me.

For what it’s worth, here are the counts for the things we made and donated for the local needy this Fall…

Hats - 191
Headbands/Earbands - 15
Scarves - 54
Gloves - 9

Hats - 195
Scarves - 69
Gloves - 18

Baby Hats - 42
Baby Blankets - 17
Baby Booties - 4 pr
Baby Jackets - 38
Bibs - 3

Every time we distribute what we’ve made, from our own leftover yarn and from donated yarn, I am amazed that our tiny crew can accomplish so much. I have heard it mentioned time and again, that everything begins with just one act. With us, we just move gently along, loving each chance to make another piece to warm a needy person, whether it is a new mother in need or a hospice patient or our homeless.

We should never allow ourselves to think that just one act of kindness is not enough – it always begins with just that: one act of kindness.

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