Sunday, November 20, 2016

Prayers Needed, Big Time - PC Issues

Most of you know that I had big time PC troubles a few months back. Somehow, I managed to be able to pay my computer guy to check it out. He tweaked this and that. He did a diagnostic. We agreed I needed to get another PC, soon.

Meanwhile, a dear friend heard about it and donated her former desktop tower to me. I already had a donated flat screen monitor and keyboard. But I didn't yet have enough for another visit from my computer guy.

For a few months, I had no trouble at all. Then, within the past 48 hours, it started acting up again. It shuts itself down unexpectedly. I did my usual "battery out, battery in" re-boot but it still does it.

Right now, I do have the funds to get my guy over here to set up the tower and transfer anything that needs transferring.

BUT, I cannot do it this week. This is a very heavy week for me on the computer. I need to do our monthly community newsletter which requires 3 steady hours of printing. I need to scan 6 documents. I need to print 400 labels. And I need to keep track of my Etsy shop and do some promotions.

So, I am asking each of you to simply pray that I can get through this week on this computer, without a lot of stress. I am ready and raring to go on the tower this weekend - I actually prefer a tower. So, prayers, please, my friends? Just for a little time - a week?

Father, you know what I need. I realize that there's nothing I cannot do with your help, but if it not interfere with your plans for me, I'm asking for your compassion for this week. Thank you for getting me this far, and for the funds and equipment for the transition. Bless those who pray for me and for other abundantly.

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