Sunday, November 27, 2016

PC Issues Prayer Request - Update and Thank You

Back on the 20th, I asked you to pray that my troublesome laptop would last at least until the 26th, Saturday, when my computer tech guy would probably be here to connect a tower a friend gave me.

Your prayers were not only heard but answered. With only two or three "blackouts," we made it to Saturday.

However, the issue is not yet resolved. The tower refused to turn on. Tech guy tried everything. Took off the side and front - eyed the insides. Nothing strange. After an hour of trying everything he and I could think of, we gave up. He graciously helped me reconnect the laptop. He took the tower with him, to try one or two things at home.

If I am lucky, it might just be a bad "power supply," that little transformer thingie you plug into the power strip. That wouldn't cost me too much.

If it's not that, he can take it to his next-step-up-the-tech ladder pro, who has a $4000 diagnostic machine, to see if it's worth fixing. Depending on what they find, it if has to get that far, we'll decide then whether to keep on going or call it quits.

Bottom line - you folks are great. The laptop is cranky but working - that's what we were praying for and what the Lord has seen fit to grant me. Thank you all for that. I just need to keep praying a little longer to see what he has in mind for me.

Father, thank you so much for keeping this laptop going while we figure out what to do next. I'm not going to try to second guess you. You alerted me to the need for a new setup. I trust you to guide me toward that end. And please bless all those who prayed on my behalf!

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