Monday, November 28, 2016

Prayers Answered on PC Issues - Thank You!

Great news on the computer. My tech guy called me this afternoon. The reason why my gifted gently used tower would not turn on was with the "power supply." 

My guy was calling from a store where he was picking up a new adapter. Apparently with these newer towers, the power adapters are model-specific and the friend who gave it to me must have just grabbed one and thought it was the right one. It's possible she even threw it out the right one along the way. Anyhow, my guy first told me on the phone that he thought the new one would cost $49.95. But he called back and said that they gave him his vendor discount and it was only $35-something. 

My funds come in on Friday, so I'll call him then and we'll set up a return visit. He said he'll just take $20 (the other half of 1 visit) plus the $35, and call it square. So, bottom line, the monitor and keyboard (free from neighbors) and the tower, altogether, will end up costing me just $75. That is good and better than I'd get anywhere, I'm sure. Oh, and he said this tower is great and I will like it and what's on it. I already knew that from the friend who gave it to me.

So, this weekend, or as soon as he can find a hole in his schedule, we'll set an appointment for him to bring the tower back and connect it. This laptop is hanging on, thank you Lord!

So, my friends, I need to thank you all for your prayers. You are awesome and I hate using that word because it is overused but it fits in this case. It has been eight days since I first asked for prayers and there were ups and downs along the way, but the Lord came through, as always, in his way and in his time.

Father in heaven, thank you for your compassion and mercy. Considering how we humans tend to expect quick and easy answers when we ask for your help, I appreciate the patience you sent my way while you worked this out for me. And please bless my  prayerful friends abundantly for their help.

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