Saturday, November 19, 2016

My Crock Pot Roasted Chicken Adventure

Bottom of pot w/support wads and lift up strips
Thanks to my online friends, I found a recipe for doing a whole chicken in my slow cooker, but more like a roasted chicken than a stewed chicken. Here's the link, followed by my results:

The whole process is so simple. Following instructions, I put 4 wads of foil on the bottom to keep the chicken from getting soggy. And thanks to another friend, I took two folded strips of foil and criss-crossed them at the bottom of the pot, draping the ends up and over the lip and under the lid to help pull the chicken out, when done, in one piece.

Getting it out in one piece was my biggest concern. I had plans to cut it completely in half, neck to tail, so I could give half to a needy neighbor.

Chicken in pot
The recipe said that on Low I should cook it 6/6-1/2 hours. However, I read online several places that cooking the chicken this way could make the chicken very dry. I decided to begin testing it after 5-1/2 hours. At 5-3/4 hours, it was 180 on the thermometer I poked into the breast, so I turned it off and took it out.

I was able to pull it up easily, in one piece as I had hoped, by grasping 2 foil strip ends at a time in each hand. And I was able to cut it completely in half with my kitchen shears.

Now here's where it was a little iffy. The breast was completely done, but when I halved it, the inside of the thigh area was not quite finished. Not raw, but I'd say I should have left it another 15-30 minutes.

Closed pot with lift up strips under lid
For my purposes, I am glad I erred on the side of underdone rather than overdone and dry. This way, I can fix it by popping it in the toaster oven tomorrow and let it go for about a half hour. I'll just cut it and put only that bottom area in there. Next time, I'll go the whole 6 hours but to keep it moist, I'll cover the breast portion lightly with a loose square of foil.

I'm very happy with the whole process and results, overall.

So, bottom line - great recipe, easy, and follow the directions for timing. Also try that foil lift-out tip from my friend.

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