Saturday, November 19, 2016

Fascinating - The More I Get Rid of, the More I Get

It is amazing. I am de-cluttering little by little but it will take quite a while to go through everything in here. Along the way, I get rid of things I no longer use, no longer prefer, or no longer need. I give it to a local charity or to a friend. Meanwhile, somehow or other, things I really do need find a way in here.

The clothes I got rid of were replaced by personal wear that I sorely needed, by way of my Swagbucks efforts. This was at no cost to me.

When I get rid of food that I no longer have on my slightly-healthier menus, more food comes in. Just today, a friend called and I ran over to her home and she gave me food she did not need. I was able to keep some for myself while also giving some to a needy neighbor. Pssst! It included a piece of banana cream pie! Yes, I know - that is not a healthier choice, but I don't care.

When our charity crafters give away the things we've made, distributing them to the local needy, somehow more yarn for our work appears. Just today, someone dropped off a big bag and a little bag of yarn.

Father in heaven, thank you so much for your generosity. And please continue to encourage me to continue to de-clutter so I can get around to organizing for the projects you want me to handle. I could use an ongoing flow of fortitude and stamina and patience and wisdom along the way.

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