Monday, November 21, 2016

More Crockpot Meals in the Works

Although it might look like I'm doing too many crockpot meals this last week or so, I know myself, and I need to keep it up while I'm on a roll. This way, I use up stuff in my freezer, fridge and pantry, before it spoils, and I stock up the freezer with easy heat-and-eat containers of stuff I like to eat.

So far, I tucked away containers of spaghetti-squash with sauce and ground turkey meat loaf pieces, plus a container of the rest of that meat loaf. I've tucked away a bunch of containers of ground chicken chili, and I tucked away that chicken breast from a few nights ago. I've already eaten the leg and wing, and the thigh is tomorrow, but the breast will cover two meals one day when I want it. It was a big chicken.

After checking the freezer for the oldest meat, I found a small piece of baby ribs. I am not into pork these days, but it will really flavor a meal and it won't overload me with actual meat. It's defrosting and tomorrow, I toss a can of Rotel in the bottom of the crockpot, then a chopped onion, a can of black beans, 3 cups of pinto beans (cooked them a while back, to have ready), and maybe a diced onion. Then I'll place that small bunch of ribs on top, drizzle some Sweet Baby Ray sauce on it, and let it simmer all day.

There was also a small piece of London Broil. I rarely eat beef. I really do not enjoy beef these days. Except if it's a really good charcoal grilled burger with Swiss cheese, mushrooms and fried onions (I know, I know), or a really nice piece of Chuck Roast - I guess I like the cheap beef, the poor man (or woman) beef. Anyhow, I'll cut that small piece into bite-size pieces, add all the veggies accumulating in there, and toss in some barley to thicken. That will be Wednesday overnight, if all goes well.

The only thing still in there from a while ago is a pack of about half a dozen chicken leg quarters. I need to check those for freeze burn. If they look okay, they will be the next project down the line.

Then I'll only have the meaty ham bones I just put in there. I'm planning at least one nice pot of pea soup to start with.

The chicken, London Broil, and ribs were all given to me. Folks know that if I cannot use something, I know someone who can. So if their fridge or freezer goes out on them, or they are going away for a while, I happily benefit. And I make sure I use everything wisely.

Yep - I will have a nice stash in the freezer for a while this winter. This foodie is a happy camper, and a happier eater.

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