Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Incredibly Beautiful Beaded Work by My Friend Chris

My friend Chris (at MsCsBeadedCreations on Facebook) makes the most beautiful beaded ornaments, needle cases, and more. She seems to have infinite patience.

When I look at the images she creates with those teeny tiny beads, I am in awe.

For anyone who is looking for something different for gifts or decor for the holidays, and even all year round, you need to bookmark her page.

There are lots of folks who love to pick one item each year and give the same thing to each person on their list - these would be great. Or, if you love to get just one special new ornament each year...whatever, if you love beauty, you'll love her work.

She has everything: Santa's sleigh and reindeer running around the ornament, or a Christmas village, or the much and so lovely!

Go visit and browse and enjoy!

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